Lithium Batteries Multi Modal Course

Multi Modal Lithium Battery Course (2 Days) - £425.00 plus VAT

The use of Lithium Batteries is becoming increasingly common powering many everyday items mobile phones, lap tops, ipads etc. They also are extensively used in industry because they last longer, give more power and in some cases are rechargeable.  There have been a number of incidents and accidents which have been attributed to incorrectly shipped batteries. As a result the transport regulations are constantly changing , this course will enable students to have a thorough understanding of the relevant regulations.

We have developed a training program that meets the mandatory requirements of ICAO Annex 18 and the UK Air Navigation Order. On completion of our course successful candidates will be able to use, interpret and implement all of the requirements of the "ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" and the "IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations".

The first One & half days of this course covers the Air Regulations. This concludes with a written examination which entitles successful candidates to a certificate of competence that is valid for two years.

The Air Course is fully approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Approval Number 019568.

 The remainder of the time is spent reviewing the regulations as outlined in the ADR & IMDG Regulations

Delegates will learn about:

  • Hazard classes and proper shipping names

  • Marking and labelling a shipment

  • Packaging requirements

  • Completion of documentation

  • Special provisions

  • Checking of shipments