Civil Aviation Authority Extension

The UK Civil Aviation Authority issued an Exemption in regard to the current validity for all Dangerous Goods by Air training certificates issued that are due to expire whilst the current COVID-19 restrictions are in place. This extension applies to the standard Dangerous Goods by Air, Lithium Batteries, Radioactive Materials and any specific subset courses that we have conducted.

The current extension allows anybody that has a certificate that is due to expire, to carry on shipping Dangerous Goods until 31 October 2020 or until the exemption is removed, expires or alternative means of training are available.

Whilst we thank the CAA for providing this helpful extension, we have been working on an alternative way of conducting ours courses by webinar. The CAA has asked to review our procedures for these webinar courses and we are expecting the “Green Light” for them to go ahead shortly.

Once we have the go ahead we recommend you carry out your revalidation training using this method, rather than waiting until later on in the year as we may not have the capacity to carryout everyones training at once.

If you have any questions regarding this extension or our webinar based training, please feel free to contact us.