Dangerous Goods by Air

Dangerous Goods by Air

We have developed a training program that meets the mandatory requirements of ICAO Annex 18 and the UK Air Navigation Order. On completion of our course successful candidates will be able to use, interpret and implement all of the requirements of the "ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" and the "IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations".

In the first instance delegates must attended the Initial 3 day course. This concludes with a written examination which entitles successful candidates to a certificate of competence that is valid for two years. Before the certificate expires they must attend a revalidation (2 day) course. If this period is exceeded, delegates must re-attend the full 3 day course or stop sending Dangerous Goods.

These courses are fully approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Approval Number 019568.

Initial Course - CAA Approved (3 days) - £550.00 plus VAT

The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air course will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge required to correctly prepare shipments of dangerous goods for transport by air. The course features practical exercises, real-life examples and encourages delegate participation. Our friendly tutors ensure our courses are informative and interesting to all delegates.

Course Content

  • Overview of the Regulations (ICAO, IATA, ADR, IMDG).

  • Using the Regulations.

  • State and Operator variations.

  • Classification, proper shipping names and UN numbers.

  • Packaging Instructions.

  • Types of packaging.

  • Specification marking.

  • Marking and labeling.

  • Completion of the Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods.

  • Shipment checking.

  • Air waybill completion.

  • Emergency procedures.

Revalidation Course - CAA Approved (2 days) - £450.00 plus VAT

Delegates who have completed the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air course must receive refresher training within a two year period. If this period is exceeded, delegates must re-attend the full 3-day course.

This course focuses upon significant changes in the Regulations, whilst covering all of the key areas relating to the preparation of shipments of dangerous goods for carriage by air. Successful candidates will receive a further two year certification.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • List their legal responsibilities.

  • Locate information from all sections and appendices of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

  • Determine which Dangerous Goods are forbidden for transport and the quantity limits for those goods which are eligible for travel on passenger and cargo aircraft.

  • Locate State and Operator Variations and apply the information accordingly.

  • Classify a consignment of Dangerous Goods and identify the precedence of hazards and packing groups.

  • Select a Proper Shipping Name from the List of Dangerous Goods.

  • Locate and identify information shown on the Shipper's Declaration and the Air waybill.

  • Select the correct packaging using the Packing Instructions and the General Packing Requirements.

  • Correctly mark and label a package in compliance with Dangerous Goods Regulations.

  • Identify which Dangerous Goods must be segregated, calculating the quantity limits when packing different Dangerous Goods in one package.

  • Complete a Dangerous Goods Acceptance Check List.